Incorporated in 1889, the settlement of Arlington Heights was originally known as “Arlington”, because another municipality in Ohio already had the same name; “Heights” was added.

Ordinance No. 1, to levy taxes, was passed on August 19, 1889. The Board of Trustees included: C.G. Keeley, President; John Gance, W.P. Smith, and Louis Steinkoenig (also served as clerk). The settlement became a Village on January 1, 1905. Prior to becoming a Village, practically all of the major engineering work was completed. All the streets, with an exception of Blanche Avenue, were laid out, platted and the grades established. Electric lights, water pipes and telephone lines were also installed prior to 1905.

On February 5, 1895, a committee of citizens appeared before the Board of Trustees with a plan for a public building and for fire equipment. Property was obtained at the corner of Erkenbrecker and Elliott for $25.00. A contract was awarded to construct the building to W.E. Lightlinger at his bid for $498.95. The building was occupied on June 18, 1895; total cost was $717.95. A contract was also awarded to purchase the first fire equipment - a hose reel ($100.00), 500’ fire hose ($300.00) and nozzles ($3.00).

Later in the year, a bell tower was added to the building and a bell installed, all just under $50.00. This building, and its bell to call to meetings and to fires, served the people until it was removed to make room for the new building, dedicated on May 7, 1932.

Discussion of a new Village Hall began with the first meeting in 1926, but it wasn't until 1930 when the new building was placed on the ballot and the bond levy passing by a large majority. Once the architectural plans by Wm. S. Sharpe were approved, Council awarded the contract for the construction of the new building to Frank Feldhaus. Ground was broken June 8, 1931. The first meeting of Council was held in the new building, before it was entirely completed, on December 7, 1931. The new building was formally accepted from the contractor February 1, 1932, the cost (completely equipped), being about $19,000. The last major updating of the Village Hall occurred in 1989, adding office space and an elevator (the same year as the Village’s Centennial).

The Arlington School was constructed in 1932 and the Faith Community Church founded in 1937.